Monday, July 19, 2004

What A Crazy Week
Jasper Speaks:
Sorry if you have been checking out the blog over the past week and found nothing new. It was a crazy week last week. I ended up putting in about 92 hours in 7 days! It was CRAZY!
It started on Sunday with church, followed by decorating for Vacation Bible School followed by Mission Trip Training/Cabaret rehearsal. Monday brought very little respite (see previous post) as our elders meetings are unnecessarily LONG!
The rest of the week didn't slow down much at all. We had cabaret rehearsals three days after Bible School. Then on Friday afternoon I went with some students to see I, Robot. I was so wiped out that I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie but really liked it overall. Go Will Smith!  That evening we met Kendra for dinner and then headed back to church for a cabaret practice that went until 10PM. Then when I got home I still had to work until about 12:30AM getting some final things done for the next day.

Then it was back to church at noon on Saturday with rehearsals all day and ending with the cabaret. Then I got home at about 10PM again. Our friend Jess was in from Rhode Island (she is going as a leader on the mission trip) and spent the night with us. We were up until nearly two. One of our just graduated seniors had not called home and the mother called me looking for him. He got home about 2:00AM safe and sound.
Then it was back to church on Sunday morning. We had lunch with Jess and then sent her on her way back. Then we came home and wrote puppet sketches for the mission trip training last night. We also made some calls about places for us to stay on the way down to NC. We left for the meeting still not knowing where we would stay. The kids found out what teams they are on and who their prayer partners are for the trip and we all separated and prayed that God would provide us a place to stay.

When we got home last night he had done just that. The former elder of youth ministry at our church is now living in Maryland and even though he is going to be on vacation that week (returning the afternoon after we need the house) he and his wife are going to let us stay there. That just rocks!
If you think about it pray for me this week. I might have done something to jeopardize my relationship with our pastor. At the very least I think I will have to have some deep communication with him soon over some comments I made in what was supposed to be an anonymous survey. IT is lengthy and I won't bore you with details but I would appreciate you remembering me to the Father.

So we can only hope that I get some rest this week as we prepare to leave for the trip. The summer is flying by!

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