Monday, August 16, 2004

Harpoon That Whale!

Jasper Speaks:

Today Kendra, her mother, and I went to Kennebunkport to go whale watching. We started off on that journey when we went to Bar Harbor over the weekend and got rained out. Kendra and I have lived here just over four years and had never gone out to spy a whale before. Actually, it is a tourist kind of thing. Most people I know who have been in Maine all their lives have never gone out on a whale boat.

The company Kendra works for owns all the whale boats in Bar Harbor so we had been looking forward to seeing the whales for free. But on Friday of our stay there God sent a HUGE downpour that was predicted to last all day long. Now if you have ever been to Bar Harbor, Maine (and I am sure most of you have not) you would know that if it is raining, there is really no use in staying because everything to do in Bar Harbor is outdoor related. Thankfully we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain as soon as we got into town on Thursday night. The view was awesome though the wind was howling the whole time. Kendra's mom also treated us to a nice lobster dinner out.

Anyway, we ended up coming home early and it became my job to find whale watching opportunities in Southern Maine. I did find this one out of Kennebunkport. It was $32 per person for a 5 hour cruise. I realize now (after freezing on the boat) that 5 hours is way too long to be looking for a big fish.

We actually saw three different whales during our time. The first one was about thirty minutes or so into the cruise. He was feeding and so he gave us a little show. It was spectacular! Even the crew said they wish they had their cameras with them.

The next two were together and we spied them about 2 hours into the cruise. They were not as playful as the first one but it was neat to see them together.

Then there was the rest of the cruise. I brought a couple of books but we were on the top deck and it was too cold, wet and windy to read comfortably. Not to mention the constant motion on the ocean! At one point Kendra went and got us hot chocolate and that really seemed to help take off the chill. All in all it was a fun trip. I had never seen a live whale in it's natural habitat so as far as new experiences go, this one was pretty good! God's creation is awesome!

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