Friday, September 17, 2004

Happy Moments In Ministry This Week

Jasper Speaks:

A couple of cool things happened regarding former youth that made me smile this week so I thought I would share.

First of all, two of my former youth (whose wedding I performed last year) just had a baby boy on Sunday. It is really my first youth group grandbaby and he is more than ADORABLE! (He looks like his daddy without the chin strap!) It was wonderful to be there and hold little Malachi for nearly 45 minutes as we talked and I am honored to have shared in so many significant moments in their lives. The couple are now youth leaders so the baby is destined to become the new youth ministry mascot. There is nothing like a newborn baby to remind you that only God is God. Click HERE to see the happy family!

Also, one of my college students (who always held a special place in my heart) called me this week from school. She was crying. You see, she had just come back from a chapel service at school and called me at the office to tell me she had just accepted a call to ministry. She will be great at whatever God wants her to do. As we talked and I encouraged her she cried some more and shared with me how joyful she was that she had finally taken this step of faith. Then she said the words we don't get to hear too often, "Thank You." She told me how much influence my wife and I have had on her life over the past years and how much she loved and appreciated us. She told me that God had used us time and time again in her life and she just had to thank me for it. Then I started to cry.

All in all it has not been the best week of my life. There have been some really big struggles, but God is so incredible. He gives us moments like these to help keep us going.

What has he used in your life this week?

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Anonymous said...

Tina here. God has used a wedding to bless me this week! So often I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall with these hard-headed people. Then God brings a young couple in, they look at me as "my" pastor and ask me to perform their wedding. I got to baptize her last week, perform their wedding this week. And he has taken on his "special ministry" of saving Pastor Tina from the 4 hour lawn mowing each week.

Now if I could just get the old fogeys to leave em alone and not scare them off... sigh...