Sunday, September 05, 2004

Jasper Is Still Alive!!!

Jasper Speaks:

So It has been nearly a month since I have had a chance to blog. I reassure that I am still alive and kicking and apologize for my extended holiday from this blog. I have missed it and hope you will return for useless facts and Christian quotes as well as hearing what God is doing in my life and the ministry to which He has entrusted me. My mother-in-law's visit went very well and that took much of my time the first week of my absence. I have also been very busy getting things together for the upcoming year of youth meetings.

I can't believe that See You At The Pole is only ten days away. I love See You At The Pole! It is one of my favorite days every year. I love watching students take a stand for Christ on their campuses. I love encouraging students to do that.

TNT will start again this week. Our first night is always a pep rally of sorts to encourage students to participate in SYATP. I have a ton of t-shirts to give away and am excited about speaking on taking a stand this Thursday night.

Our youth group is really going to be different this year. With the exodus of our 14 seniors last spring, we are left with so many young students. We are expecting a very large Junior High group this fall. My senior highers are probably going to be outnumbered for the first time since we came here four years ago.

Tonight we spent time with some of those kids. Wow they are all pretty young. It is exciting though to think back to when our seniors were their age and then see all God did in their lives in four years. I love a challenge so this should be a great deal of fun.

Still, it will take an adjustment. God does have mighty plans for the lives of these young people. I am excited to be a part of their lives!

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