Monday, September 27, 2004

Our Trip To Boston In The Fall

Jasper Speaks:

We just got back from a trip to Boston with some of our favorite people in the world. We went with our friends Nate and Ange who live in Waterboro near us, our friend Jessica from Rhode Island, and KTO who is a former youth group kid who is going to school at ENC in Quincy Mass. KTO is a special girl and we are so excited that she can be our friend and not just a student in our ministry now that she is out of the youth group. She calls us mom and dad and I tell you we feel love for her like she was our own.

All in all it was a relaxing little trip. We had dinner together on Friday night and then all went back and shared a couple of hotel rooms. The next morning we had breakfast at IHOP and took the "T" to Quincy Market. We stayed in that area all day. We shopped and went to the IMAX theater.

Jess went back to Rhode Island on Saturday afternoon. KTO was doing childcare for a 40 Days of Purpose meeting on her campus so we dropped her off there. Nate, Ange, Kendra and I went out to dinner at a nice steak house in Saugus Mass. We had a fun filled trip home. GONE! FUDRUCKER'S! FUDRUCKERS! FUDRUCKERS! It was a much needed stress free time away and it was wonderful. It makes me very thankful for such wonderful friends in our life!

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