Thursday, September 09, 2004

TNT Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

So we had our first TNT of the fall this evening. I have written earlier that we didn't quite know what to expect with all our seniors who graduated last year. There is definitely a different vibe this year. We had a smaller number than usual but we still had a good time.

One observation I had was in watching the students worship. Last year's senior class had really learned to love worshiping God through song. It was cool to see them grow over four years. Well in some ways we are back to square one. It is probably more like square three. We when came here they only occasionally had music on Thursday nights and when they did they just sang along with bands on CDs. We were able to find the talent and encourage students to form a worship band and have had quality worship for about three years now. So the returning kids do model good behavior during worship. That helps. I am just anxious to see God work in the lives of these younger kids and I think worship will be important for that.

My message was about taking a stand. We focused a lot on the story of Esther. The goal was to inspire kids about See You At The Pole. Most of our kids are pretty pumped about doing it. That is cool. The illustration that seemed to move the kids the most was when I talked about Rachel Scott who is a lesser known Christian victim of the Columbine attacks. They listened pretty intensely and I recommended that they all read the great book
Rachel's Tears. Her story really inspired me as a youth pastor. I think she is a modern day example of someone who grabbed ahold of the moment with her life. That was really my challenge tonight. I talked a lot about seizing every opportunity to make a difference. It wasn't the best message I have ever delivered but I think it got the point across.

We will see how this year shapes up. It will be interesting to see what the Lord has in store as we rebuild after the great 14 student graduation. I see potential in some of these younger kids. God has great things still in store!

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