Thursday, September 23, 2004

TNT Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

TNT was awesome tonight. It was just an evening where things really clicked. Our regular game guy wasn't there but he had prepared by asking another leader to do games this week. They were silly and somewhat messy but went over very well.

Before things started tonight we worked pretty hard on with the worship team. This was the first night they led without our help at all this year. We have had so many sound issues lately but the sound girl and I figured that out and we could actually hear everyone tonight! The kids just did an awesome job leading. I worshipped so easily. It was the best night I think we may have ever had in worship. Our guitarist took the lead on most of the songs and he did a great job.

The message was the third of our four part series on leadership. We talked about Josiah tonight. The group seemed to be very much with me throughout it all. I even had a kid come up to me afterwards and say that he was very inspired by what God said through me. AWESOME!

I love nights like this when God gives us a little pep talk. He is so awesome and I am so unworthy of all He gives me. Tonight's meeting helped me to realize that a little bit more!

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