Monday, September 27, 2004

Useless Fact For September 27

The Fact Speaks:

Hair goes gray because pigment cells in the hair base at the roots of the hair stop producing melanin.

It doesn't matter if you are fair-haired or dark-haired you have the same chances of getting gray hair. However, it is more noticeable in darker haired people.

Graying of the hair generally starts at the age of around 30 for males and 35 for females however since the onset of this phenomena varies greatly from person to person, age is not the most accurate indicator.
The graying of hair appears to be genetically determined but the connection isn't at all clear.

So for now, your hair turning gray is just one of those mysteries of science that we have yet to solve. But salt and pepper hair always did look distinguished.

Poliosis is the graying of the hair. It comes from polios, the Greek word for "gray."

Jasper Speaks:

I will turn 35 in just a few weeks. I am not going gray very much. I do find a stray hair here and there. For me my hair isn't so much turning gray as it is turning loose.

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