Sunday, September 12, 2004

Youth Leader Meetings --- It's All About Themes

Jasper Speaks:

We had our beginning of the year info meeting with our adult leaders today. It went very well. We made it thematic and decorated the room for back to school. Kendra and I finger painted last night and made encouraging posters that said things like, "Jason Loves Teens" and "God Thinks Natalie's Cool" and "I See God's Love Shine through Pat!". We made pep rally posters for each of the schools that we have represented in the youth group and hung them up in the room too. We also had these cool name plates that were in the shape of school buses that we placed on the table.

We served brown bag lunches and gave the leaders each a backpack shaped lunch box we bought for cheap at Walmart. Inside there was a water bottle that came with it and then we filled it with mini school supplies like crayons, rulers, pencils and mini notebooks and filled the front pocket with candy.

We started the meeting talking about what our first experiences at Junior High and high school were like. It was a lot of fun. Our main ministry team ranges in age from 21 to 55 so it was pretty varied and interesting.

We actually got a lot done with our planning and talking about the new year with its challenges as well. The leaders even wanted to take their encouragment signs home with them. That was pretty cool! It was a really good time.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool idea as gifts for the leaders!