Monday, October 25, 2004

Can't Take It

Jasper Speaks:

This World Series stinks! I hate living in New England! You have heard me rant about the Red Sox many times. I am just so over the cockiness of the fans.

I am so glad I am going to be in Missouri for all but one of the remaining games. I want to cheer with the fans who agree with me. I actually am just TIRED of baseball. I have watch so much lately. I keep finding myself saying, "is it over yet?" And it's not! I am all about one big game deciding it all like in football. THIS TAKES FOREVER!!!

I am sure I would be less bitter if (A) I was in St. Louis where I want to be right now and/or (B) The Cardinals were leading the series. Neither of those things are happening at the moment so color me grumpy!


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