Saturday, October 23, 2004

Getting An Ulcer

Jasper Speaks:

So as you look at the date and time of these entries you may be wondering how a poor Cardinals fan trapped in New England can be blogging during game one of the World Series. I am the least competative person you will ever meet. But this post-season in baseball is giving me high blood pressure that could induce a stroke. I guess I just care way too much about the outcome. I spend most of my time in the chair with my eyes closed and a horrible burning in my stomach.

So tonight, as the game started getting too intense for me, I got up and came to check email. I never returned. My wife is watching the game and giving me commentary but the Cardinals seem to do better without me watching and my stomach is better without hearing the game as well. Right now the Cards have blown their tie and the Dead Sox are ahead 9-7 again. If I was in viewing and good hearing distance, I would need a Pepto Bismol smoothie to make it through the rest of the night. So, I am escaping by retreating to our home office and trying to not listen too closely to the game playing in the other room.

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