Saturday, October 16, 2004

Reflections On Turning 35

>Jasper Speaks:

So It's here. I turned 35 on Friday. 35. Man I remember when that seemed so old. I don't feel 35. I have all of these images of the show 30 Something from the 80's floating through my head. Am I like that? Those people were OLD. I often kid that 35 is middle aged and now here I am. Anyway, it was a pleasant enough day for me. The day was rather uneventful actually.

My friend George, who works for Mission Raleighis in town for a visit. He had a fun filled day of travel woes on Thursday and spent the night with Kendra and me instead of with our friends Bob and Jen because he arrived in Portland pretty late. So, we woke up to a rainy and dark October 15. We thought we were going to go sight seeing with George but God seemed to have other plans. We picked him up about 10:30 on Thursday night and drove home. We said, "This is Maine in the dark". Then on Friday it was pretty much, "This is Maine in the rain." We stopped by Target to say "happy birthday" to one of our students who shares my special day. While there we met up with our dear friend Jess (who happens to have a hankerin' to get to know George better) and had lunch together. Then we ended up driving around Portland in the dark AND rain just to bore George a little bit more before dinner.

Dinner was probably the highlight of the day. We met some friends and had a nice little Mexican meal. We had invited Joni and Hannah, two of our recent high school graduates who had served with George in Mission Raleigh last summer. Now that they are working and going to school we don't get to see them much so I enjoyed getting up to date on their lives as well as sharing old youth group memories. It was a lot of fun. I also got presents which is never a bad thing either!

Then we came home and I called my parents and sister. It made me a lot lonesome for home. I have not seen my family in almost a year and I long to be with them. Next year in Jerusalem. I pray that we will al be together for my 36th birthday.

In all I don't feel any different other than I woke up kind of stiff this morning. I know I am older and I pray I am wiser. So much has happened in my life since my last birthday. I look back on this year and see some battles won and some battles lost and pray that I have learned from each of those. I'm a little balder, have some more wrinkles and seem to get sleepy a little bit earlier. However, I am blessed with a beautiful YOUNG wife and family and friends who really love me. Even if I am middle aged, I am a blessed man.

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