Friday, November 26, 2004

Baby Steps

Jasper Speaks:

Well tonight I called my SP and resigned. He was going to call the elders and let them know. He will announce it on Sunday. It is going to be a long, hard day. We are planning on telling the students first at the end of Sunday School and then he will announce it to the church in the beginning of the service. I trust him completely and know he will articulate our feeling well. I am sure I would just be a blubbering idiot if I tried to speak then.

It is a bit surreal to be at this point. I keep applying for jobs online. It is my new career it seems! We are jumping out of the boat and trusting God from here. Our friend Jessica was here tonight and we welcomed the distraction. We love her and she has just found her true love in George from Mission Raleigh. So tonight was awesome as we sat together and talked about wedding plans and how good God has been to her. It will be hard to leave her behind in New England. She has become a dear friend. It helps to know that she is planning on moving to Raleigh soon. I guess I am just a little selfish.

I am finding out that I am not alone in this battle. I have another friend who is only steps behind doing the same thing in ministry right now. I hope we can encourage each other as we walk out on faith. Also, I am getting some real encouragement from the YS Message Board Community. I have spent a lot of time on those boards forging friendships and I am very thankful for that. Tonight my friend Bill called me. He was such an encouragement. A couple of people have written me special notes that have been encouraging as well.

Now I am just wanting Sunday to be over. Get this out and let people know. Tomorrow I have to call the youth leaders and the families under my care as an elder. It will be very difficult but each baby step gets us closer to saying goodbye. We are speaking mostly of leaving to take care of my parents but there are so many other reasons that brought us to this point. I want to get my life together spiritually. It is crap at the moment. I need to become a part of a great church with paths of service and growth for me. Kendra needs that as well. Though the move will bring it challenges, I have to believe it will also bring rewards.

Baby steps. Faith-filled, grace-given, baby steps.

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