Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The People Speak:

Bush Wins!

Jasper Speaks:

"How cool is this? I knew all along we would pull this one off. When the polls were saying it was a dead heat I never believed it. It is great to see Americans speak so clearly on what they want. Hollywood is stunned. Somewhere in the world today an angry Michael Moore is choking on a hot dog. His movie may have made $100 million but it had no effect on how this race came out and that CRACKS ME UP! Watching the returns last night, I was even a little surprised that the media is so out of touch with the people. They all seemed to be shocked that moral values would even come into play much less be cited as the number one reason people were voting for Bush. I just about laughed my fool head off as the media talking heads were all having to eat crow and start admitting that it seemed Kerry didn't have a chance. I took particular pride in watching Dan Rather squirm!So, I am in a great mood. The election went my way and I couldn't be happier. Go W!

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