Thursday, November 04, 2004

God Speaks?

The Media Speaks:

Election Reinforces U.S. Religious Divide

By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer
President Bush's victory, the approval of every anti-gay marriage amendment on statewide ballots and an emphasis on "moral values" among voters showed the power of churchgoing Americans in this election and threw the nation's religious divide into stark relief.

"The churchgoers, those who voted along cultural lines, put (Bush) over the top," said George Marlin, author of "The American Catholic Voter."

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Jasper Speaks:

One of the most interesting things to come out of this electiont o me was the importance put on moral values. I think even more surprising to me was how out of touch the mainstream media was onthis topic. They seemed dumbfounded that anyone would vote because of importance of moral values. Sometimes I just think that the media lives under a very liberal rock.

I think it is very encouraging that American Christians are making their voice heard. I was watching C-Span last night and there were protestors to the election being interviewed. They were talking about how scary it is that Christians were swinging the electiontheir way. Wellit is obvious of those people who cared to vote, the majority share the president's values. The Democratic party better wake up quickly to the facts that are out there. People of faith are voting and they are voting in droves.

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