Saturday, November 13, 2004

So Much Going On And So Little To Say

Jasper Speaks:

As time keeps going by we seem to be in a wait and see mode. I feel a little like a lame duck. There seems to be much going on but not a lot to write about or that at this point I can freely write about in this forum.

There are a few neat things I can bring up:

- My Senior High Guys Bible Study is going very well. The guys just keep amazing me witht he commitment and depth.

- My friends Jose and Melissa just gave birth to my 6th Godchild, Daniel Noah today. Their five kids are a light in my life and I miss them very much. I can't wait to meet Noah.

- Shrek 2 was fuuny!

- The new Star Wars Trailer Rocks!

So there are some highlights to my last week. So much going on and so little to say. Keep hopping back by. I will be gone the latter part of the coming week. After that MAJOR changes are in store and I will write all about them here!

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