Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another Day Another 50 Resumes

Jasper Speaks:

So the long distance job hunt sucks. I have faxed like 20 resumes from my office and I know I have emailed at least twice that much! I am trying to trust God for our finances. I am praying that there are awesome jobs for Kendra and me just waiting for us to arrive.

We had dinner last night with some friends from church. It was a great meal and they are a wonderful family. They have a six year old son and a 23 year old daughter. Their daughter has been a close friend and a youth leader.

After dinner the conversation went into why we are leaving. They suspected it has more to it than just my parents' health. As we delicately began discussing our concerns they almost breathed an audible sigh as they confessed they have been feeling the same things. It breaks my heart that everyone we have talked to outside of the church leadership have been concerned with the direction the church is taking. These wonderful people said they would have said something sooner but are afraid of seeming ungodly. That is such crap! These people are among the most godly people I have ever known. They are a wonderful Christian family and it hurts me as their pastor to know they have concerns that they cannot voice freely.

I am very concerned that this church is in a nosedive. Slow though the nosedive may be, it is coming. The retreat to things of old and the lack of flexibility have put God in a box. I am so sad that the leadership is so caught up in legalism that they cannot see that God is SO MUCH BIGGER than what they let him be.

In some ways I am glad we are on the way out. But in my joy, I am hesitant. There are many people here I love and have invested in spiritually and although I know God will supply their needs, it hurts me to leave them behind in this spiritual rut. There is much to be concerned about. I had no idea that when I stepped out on faith and resigned that I would have to exercise such extreme faith that God will keep the people I love here on a track of spiritual development. I pray that they will voice their concerns or pack it up and go somewhere else.

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