Monday, December 20, 2004

Just A Few More Days

Jasper Speaks:

So, last night was our big goodbye service. There were about 150 people or so there. It was a little anti-climatic but overall it was very good. The people in charge of it are dear friends who really kept it moving and organized. There were more laughs than tears and that was the way I would have wanted it to be. I only got really choked up a couple of times.

Today has been spent changing out my email address and getting things ready to transfer over the youth website. I also have been making checklists for the leaders of all the things that go into making an event happen. Tomorrow I start packing up my things in the office. It is hard to believe this part of my life is over.

Of course it snowed here today reminding me again of why I want to be gone from this state. I was sad because it was bad enough that I had to cancel my guy's small group. We will meet tomorrow night instead.

I am just a big box of mixed emotions. There have been moments of second guessing our decision lately. But we have to stay firm. I just hate it. I wish I knew why God allowed things to happen this way and I wish I knew what is coming next. I am not much in the mood to trust but know I have no choice.

Our house is a huge series of boxes. Here we move again. We have been married 5 years and this will be our sixth move. It seems as though there will be a seventh before our sixth anniversary as well. At least we hope so!

I unsubscribed to the listserve today. It is sad becaus eI have been a member of that listserve for about seven years. It is another door closing.

We spent the last two weeks scrapbooking on and off our pictures from here. In the end we scrapped on about six or so days. We did 100 pages of pictures in that time. It is a bit overwhelming. I know we are going to be so happy we did it though. Funny how four and a half years of your life can fit on 100 pages though. I know we will look back at them and laugh and cry as remember all the good things God has allowed us to be a part of here.

Well I am getting more depressed than I want to be at the moment. Please pray that we find jobs quickly. In a few days we will not be in computer contact for awhile. I don't know what the situation is going to be at my parent's house with the computer just yet. We'll see. If I am not on for awhile you will know why. I am going to try and blog everyday until we leave but that can be a challenge. Thanks for your prayers and comments.

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