Thursday, December 23, 2004

A Sea Of Boxes

Jasper Speaks:

So I am sitting in my office surrounded by the last five years of my life in about 20 boxes. I am listening to the loud sounds of our youth group's garage band as they practice in the worship center. WOW. Slowly the harsh reality that this is really happening is coming over me. Our home looks like a cardboard box factory as well.

Today the cable guy came and took away our modem and turned our cable (broadcast channels only though it was) off. My thought when I opened the door to hand him the modem was, "you can pry this from my dead, cold hands!" Still, he took it and now I only have access to the net in the office. It really doesn't seem much like my office anymore. Most of the personality is packed away. My office has been known as the highlight of the 50 cent tour of the church. Filled with toys from Star Wars, Veggie Tales, Disney, The Flintstones and my prized Pez Dispenser collection, children of all ages loved to stop by to look around. Now it is just bleak and stark white. The only remnants are the Toy Story 2 Ball I am leaving for the nursery and a stuffed Bob the Tomato and Larry The Cucumber sticking out of a box that is waiting to be taped shut sitting across from my desk.

Tonight is our very last TNT and this is most likely my last post until we get home to St. Louis and eventually get back online. I hate that this is the end of the road. Even if it is only for a season, my heart aches that I am leaving youth ministry. Oh well, God has sanctioned this and there is no changing that. I am prepared for a lot of tears (mostly my own) after we all go carolling tonight. Please pray for us as we travel across the country starting on Sunday afternoon. For those of you walking in a similar journey (and you know who you are), I am praying for God's best for you. Thanks for coming along side.


lj said...

Hey brother, I'm praying for you. I have a little over a week left so I know what you're going through. I haven't had much time with christmas to keep my blog updated but when you get access to a computer again stop by I plan to have it updated. I think Len is experiencing the same thing. I'm sure he would appreciate our prayers as well.

It is all starting to sink in now with me. I am sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, confused and whole bunch more. But most importantly, as I know you can attest, I feel peace and am excited about what the future holds. Maybe I will finally find a church that has a purpose and direction.

Keep us updated, we'll be praying.


'neice said...

I miss you!!! Hope you and Kendra had a safe trip!!!