Friday, March 19, 2004

Friday's Questions Speak

1. Have you ever hated God?
No. I have been hurt, confused, angry and
disillusioned but I don't think I would characterize
any of those times as hate.

2. Ever regret posting or writing something? If what?
Oh MANY TIMES. I can be so passive aggressive that
email is a great way to vent. One of the most notable
was the time in 2001 when I went after my pal Scott
Carle pretty hard. We were really going at each other.
But God is great and we smoothed things out and now
Scott is a dear brother in the Lord and friend. I think
it goes to show that words are just words and God is

3. When was the last time you apologized for

This week sometime I'm sure and probably to my wife.

4. When was the last time you were a peacemaker?
Yesterday. My wife has some issues with a supervisor
at work. I could have done a better job of trying to
create peace.

5. Ever use an unusual object lesson, if so what was

My fave is doing a sermon on Elijah and using beanie
baby typed stuffed animals. I make two altars on a
table. One is the false prophets of Baal and I make it
with ornate candy dishes so it looks great but it
doesn't burn. Then I have twelve rocks and place the
other cow on it and tell the kids it is Elijah's
altar. I douse the cow with TONS of water. Then I take
a fire starter and the cow goes up in flames. The
trick is this. I fill the water bottle with rubbing
alcohol. Done quickly, the smell doesn't hit the kids
and they freak out when the cow burns. I usually keep
two bottles. One is filled with water and I drink
from that one at some point and hide it when I grab the
alcohol filled one. Kids ALWAYS fall for it. Just be
careful to not burn down the building. It is a great
object lesson and kids take time trying to figure it
out which normally lets me talk about trying to figure
out God too.

6. When was the last time you felt like quitting?
Yesterday. It snowed 7 inches here. I HATE living in
Maine. I know I am in a mostly good situation so I
HATE myself for feeling like this but everyday I wake
up not wanting to live here. Thank God I have a good
church and a great Youth Group.

7. When was the last time you were encouraged?
Last week when one of my small group leaders told me how
often the girls in her small group talk about things
I have told them through the years and they have taken
to heart.


A. If you were to give advice to an organization in
helping hurting youthworkers; what would it be?

Shower with love and I liked the previous post that
talked about financial assistance as well.

B. What is one unusual thing you thought, "Ummm did I
really just say that?"

Last week in Youth Group when I MEANT to say
"sitting shiva" during my message. I think you can
figure out where that went wrong! The kids CRACKED UP!
Thank Goodness for Boobgate!

The Press Speaks:
FCC Cites Stern, Bono for Indecency

Thu Mar 18,10:47 PM ET

By JONATHAN D. SALANT, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Federal regulators opened a new front in their crackdown on offensive broadcasts Thursday, saying that almost any use of the F-word on over-the-air radio and television would be considered indecent.

The Federal Communications Commission overruled its staff and said an expletive uttered by rock singer Bono on NBC was both indecent and profane. It marked the first time that the FCC cited a four-letter word as profane; the commission previously equated profanity with language challenging God's divinity.

The FCC on Thursday also proposed maximum fines for the broadcast of the Howard Stern radio show and for a program on two Florida radio stations owned by a Clear Channel Communications subsidiary.

Commissioners said they did not propose a fine for Bono's expletive during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards because they had never before said that virtually any use of the F-word violated its rules. The FCC specifically rejected earlier findings that occasional use of the F-word was acceptable.

Jasper Speaks:
Okay this one comes to us via the "common sense is back in business department". I was angers when the FCC originally ruled that the F-Bomb was not a problem a few months back. Who would have thought that all it would take is one nipple ring to snap us all back to reality? I think the FCC is finally stepping up and doing the right thing here. There is NEVER a good use of the f-word and to pretend there is a joke. Still, I wish there were going to be greater fines for these previous offensives. I also have to admit that there is some suspicion surrounding why Howard Stern is being singled out in all of this. I mean I in no way am a Stern fan or supporter but there are a lot of other people that need to be dealt with as well. Stern deserves what is coming down the pike but start going after others and make sure this stops.

I would not have thought that Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" would be the catalyst for American to finally slam on the breaks as we traveled down the road to indecency. It shows that anything and anybody can affect positive change. I praise the FCC for this stand. Now let's just hope it lasts.
A Bit Of A Ramble

Jasper Speaks:
First of all, I can hardly believe that I haven't written anything here in 16 days! Things have just been crazy and I have been a little undermotivated. Last week in particular was crazy with me logging over 60 hours and feeling a little run down in the meantime.

Kendra and I have had a couple of weekends away as well. Her hotel job really has its perks from time to time. Last weekend we spent the night at the Samoset resort in Rockland, Maine. It is a four diamond hotel with a four diamond dining area called, Marcell's. I think that Marcell's might have been the best part of the entire experience. It is a tie and jacket only place and it was nice to play "dress up" one night. It was nicer that the whole meal was free so Kendra had filet mingon and I had lobster without guilt. There was wonderful, soft, romantic, live piano music playing and it was way romantic. So that was nice.

We went to see one of our freshman girls in the play ANYTHING GOES on Saturday night. This is one of my favorite musicals and the school did a great job with it. I love all the songs and I would kill to play Moonface Martin. Unfortunately I am a bit vocally challenged. I can lead a worship service, but special music is up to someone else.

I had a huge problem with Interlinc Music Services in the past few weeks as well. Interlinc is a discount music service specifically designed for Youth Leaders. For the past two years I have signed up for the service at the National Youth Workers Convention. When there they take your personal credit card information and then tell you they will bill your church. Well both years I have gotten no bill but have gotten charged. The money comes right of my checking account and that is really not cool. So, I called them and let them know I wasn't happy. They sort of apologized but said "I don't know how that could have happened" more than anything. I was ready to stick it out with them when Dale from sales called me. She told me I was rude because I posted my issues to the YP listserv. I hit the roof and cancelled our subscription immediately. In a shining moment of customer service, they billed us for the two boxes that we have received (which I am not angry about paying for but SHEESH! They offered NOTHING in exchange for my trouble). Today, I got a handwritten letter from Dale apologizing and telling me that they are changing the billing system which is a good thing. I appreciate the letter but still cannot get past the fact that they would lack such basic customer service skills and call a customer rude to his face. Oh well, live and learn I suppose.

Today, I am frustrated because my van keeps drinking oil and now the hood won't latch. I am no Goober Pyle when it comes to mechanics but I can check and put in oil and I can shut a hood, but something is suddenly out of line and now it won't latch down. ARGH!!! The whole episode made me miss lunch with Kendra to top it all off!

So here I am back at my online therapy spot. In just a moment I will hit the post button and send this out into the great internet void. So then dear void, thank you for letting me blow off steam. It will not be long before I post yet again!