Saturday, May 22, 2004

Reason #5279 Why Some People Shouldn't Have Pets!

The Birds Speak:

British Company Makes DVD for Parrots
No more bored birds. No more annoyed avians. A British company on Friday introduced "Pollyvision," an 80-minute DVD of wild parrots preening, feeding and flying through the rainforest. The World Parrot Trust hopes will entertain caged parrots and budgies while their owners are out at work.

The Trust, based in Hayle, southwest England, said it believes the work is the first to be aimed at an avian audience. It has been launched as part of celebrations for World Parrot Day on May 31.

Film producer Jamie Gilardi, a Californian parrot biologist, believes the DVD could improve the lives of Britain's 5 million pet parrots and budgies.

"Parrots are highly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures, so they need a great deal of enrichment and stimulation or they get bored and depressed," he said.

The film has been edited to appeal to parrots' interests and attention span. Alison Hales, one of the directors of the Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary in Hayle, said the DVD also gave insight into the "secret life of parrots." But she added, "We have yet to see whether all parrots will respond to it, or whether some will be frightened."

Jasper Speaks:

WHAT THE HECK??? Birds need DVDs? I have so gotta' get in on this craze. Maybe I can produce a series of videos of fire hydrants for lonely dogs. The sad part is some people would actually buy them! I don't have any pets. Occasionally I think I would like a dog but then I think of the work it takes and I decide better.

Speaking of dogs, Kendra's boss just spent $5000 on her dog. He broke his back and they gave him surgery but it didn't repair it. So now he has to go around in a doggie wheelchair. This is quite possibly one of the dumbest wastes of money I have ever encountered. But I guess the pooch is good for a few laughs. And yes, that was reason #5278!

Friday, May 21, 2004

We're Going Back To Raleigh, To Raleigh

Jasper Speaks:

So we are getting ready for our third trip to Raleigh, NC. I think this is the last year for us. I would love to find a place that is different in a new way. The inner city experience really helped our kids grow. I never want that to get old. So I am looking for maybe an Appilacian type experience next. That would even be new to me. It is all about taking kids to a new experience and letting them see that they have it pretty good. It is all about them affecting lives for Christ as well.

It has been a pleasure serving in Raleigh (see my previous blog about how great Mission Raleigh is!) but I think kids can grow immune to experiences even great ones. My biggest fear is not finding a place with as good a return as Mission Raeigh has had for us. I am totally open to suggestions if you have a place that you know of that is inexpensive and a great experience. Posted by Hello

My Parents

Jasper Speaks:

Please pray for my mom and dad as they are both experiencing some health issues. They have been great parents and are such Godly examples to me. Dad had surgery for diviticulosis last week and mom is STILL waiting for angioplasty on her leg. It is hard as they are getting older and you feel like you are the parent. It is also difficult because I am 1200 miles away and my siblings don't know how to act. Posted by Hello


Jasper Speaks:

So I am almost ready for Senior Celebration. Kendra and I have to go to The Chrsitmas Tree Shops (a discount store in our area) tomorrow and get some picture frames and then it is just being available for set up.

This is a HUGE event for us every year. I think it has a sort of funeral feel. The parents set up tables with tons of pictures of their kids on Science Project Board displays and on the table they sit old baby clothes, toys, trophies and things. It is creepy. I obviously inherited this event.

Each parent used to write a letter and read it aloud to the congregation. TALK ABOUT LONG, BORING AND SAPPY! Most of them could not make it through Dear (insert child's name here) without crying and then most of the rest of the letter was delivered through sobs. THEY AREN'T DEAD THEY ARE JUST GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!

So this year we had a large class (14 Seniors participating) so we are having the parents write a ONE PAGE letter and we are framing them and sitting them on the "funeral table" with the other stuff.

Anyway I have been so busy this week with multi media presentations and getting the buletin together and stuff that I just want it to be over.

I know I will get emotional on Sunday evening. These are the kids who were in the summer after their eigth grade year when we came to this church. They have all been really active and are a great group of committed, Christian kids. I love them a lot. Especailly the three boys I have mentored for those four years. The parents are all only losing one kid each. I have to deal with losing 14 all at once!

So pray that I won't turn into a blubbering idiot on Sunday night. I will really appreciate Monday morning when it is all over. Then come the 14 graduation parties ...