Thursday, June 03, 2004

TNT Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

So tonight was a little odd. It was just one of those evenings that is a little off center in every way. Our games guys were both unable to lead tonight. So one of our college kids led. It was his first time but he didn't do badly at all. I was proud of him.

Worship was ugly. No two ways about it. The poor vocalists. They tried. They really did. I need to beat up our drummer. I love this kid and he is talented. He has come a long way since he first started playing for youth group. He now plays with the adult ensemble on Sunday mornings too. The problem is he is the drummer for a rock band that some of our kids have started and he doesn't have a middle ground. He is fine on Sunday mornings but it is either that or Mr. Def Lepard. So he tends to play his hard side when playing with the worship band. Which wouldn't be so bad but he ends up playing so loudly that it drowns out the other instruments and even the vocalists with mics. Tonight was particularly bad. I think I need to write an apology note to Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore for the murder of Listen To Our Hearts that occurred tonight. Way too much to get into now but trust me, you should be glad you didn't have to hear it!

I didn't have a sermon because this was our one and only Thursday night mission trip meeting. It was just the original blah, blah, blah here is all the information night. The kids are really excited and they seemed pumped to go. That is great. This year I think we will have 26 teens and nine leaders. We will once again smash our own record of largest mission team ever from our church. That is always cool. Every year more and more kids want to go. This year transportation is an issue again. Not only are 15 passenger vans so hard to come by anymore, gas is just crazy expensive. We had to up the price of the trip to try and cover all of those sort of things. I wish we could charter a bus but the quotes I keep getting are way out of range for us. So, if you know someone willing to donate about $8000 towards a one week trip let me know!

I didn't even see what we had for snack at TNT tonight. The kids also left way early. Usually I have to kick them out at 9:00 but tonight it was a ghosttown by 8:30. Maybe there was something in the air. Anyway, oddities aside, I think it was a good night. I am praying that God will bless our trip and that souls will be won. Please pray for us too!
Yes, Hollywood, Not Every Girl Wants To Be A Skank!

The Media Speaks:

Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options
By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer

Many youngsters are frustrated by the profusion of racy teenage clothing, according to Buzz Marketing, a New Jersey-based firm that compiles feedback from teen advisers.

"There is just sensory overload. Kids are going to say enough already," said Buzz's 24-year-old chief executive, Tina Wells. "The next big trend I see is kids are going to look like monks."

You can read the full article here:
Yahoo! News - Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options

Jasper Speaks:
Duh! How long was this sleazy dress craze going to last? I hate to see a girl in a shirt her three year old bother has out grown. I was at a dance recital for one of my seniors last week and there was a girl in one number whose shirt was almost right under her bustline and her lowriders were practically hanging in the middle of her butt. She looked uncomfortable and it was just not attractive. Fashion. What we do to look like everyone else. I praise these kids who are taking all of this into their own hands. I had a student tell me the other day that they had to make their own dresses because there were just no non-sleazy options out there. Hello? Not everyone is willing to show their stuff to the entire world! Now we just have to sit back and see if the fashion industry does the right thing or if the market remains skimpy on choices. (Pun intended)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Now This Is More Like The Jasper I Know

The Quiz Speaks:

You are mozzarella!

You are a shiny, soft, round cheese. You are very imaginative and creative, but you don't like to stand out. You don't mind solitude at times and you love to do art.

The plastic, spun-curd buffalo milk cheese Mozzarella, originated from southern Italy. Pasteurized milk is curdled at 90 degrees F and the curd is cut. Extra time in the vat is allowed so that the curd can sink to the bottom and so that the lactic acids can soften the curd to make it easier to knead. The curd is treated with extremely hot water (200 degrees F) and is kneaded into a shiny lump. Bits of the mass are taken off cooled salted and are soon ready to be marketed.

What kind of cheese are you?

Jasper Speaks:

This sounds more like me than the other quizzes. I am shiny, soft and round that is for sure. I do have a great imagination (I often imagine I love living in Maine). I hate to be the center of attention (see Graduation Celebration entry). I love Mondays because I am all alone. I also eat cheese on Mondays. I wonder if that says anything about me and why this quiz was so much more right!
First Ralph Wiggum And Now This!

The Quiz Speaks:

The Albino

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Jasper Speaks:

Okay so I think I am going to have to stop taking these kind of surveys. I'm the albino??? I wanted to at least be Miracle Max. Oh well, I am Westley in my dreams. But I must admit I am getting a complex. Am I really this odd?

Am I really just a big nerdy geeky kind of guy? I never thought so before but now ... hmmm.
Graduations, Parties, eBay And My Mom

Jasper Speaks:

So my life has been busy lately. As you may have read in my earlier posts, we had fourteen kids graduate this year. It was a slew! So now the parties have begun. I had two over the weekend. I have been to three total so far but one was May 22nd. A lovely way to spend my fifth anniversary mind you! I have a graduation on Friday night. I have two grad parties on Saturday. I have three grad parties and a graduation on Sunday. I am still immersed in graduating seniors. The upside to this is I don't have to plan any meals on Sunday. My Senior's parents will be keeping me full.

The other thing that has occupied my time lately is eBay. I am not yet obsessed but I have spent a lot of time there lately. It all started because I want to start a puppet ministry at church. We are revamping our Children's Church ministry and we could also use the puppets on mission trip. So I went around looking for puppets on the web and one of the sites I went to said that they had puppets available on eBay as well. The only thing I had ever bought on eBay was a music box for Kendra a couple of Christmases ago. So I jumped back over there and looked around. There seemed to be some good bargins on the puppets I wanted so I cast my bid. I have had rotten luck and have been outbid several times. I hate that but I refuse to pay more than I need to for something. Actually, I was spared overpaying on a small puppet yesterday. I was outbid and the person paid like $22 for the puppet. I maxed out at $20. Then I thought I would go to the site and see how much it would cost from them without the auction and it was only $18.99. Needless to say when the seller offered me a second chance to buy the puppet for $20 I declined. I have two puppets bidded on right now. If I lose those auctions I will buy straight from the seller's website. I don't have the stamina to keep bidding. The one good thing that came of this recent Ebaying obsession was that I bought a factory refurbished Lexmark printer for a penny. We have needed a printer for quite awhile so this was good. Shipping was $25 but that is okay with me. I bought it for a penny for crying out loud!

Then the serious thing is that my mom had her angioplasty today. It took longer and they did ore than they thought they would. Big shock. I have come to expect complications with my mom's health. Anyway, when she got to recovery her heart was beating erratically. The rate was way too low (like 50 beats a minute). It would stay like that and then jump up to like 150 times a minute and then bottom out again. I think they have her on meds to help. I really hate being this far away at times like this. I am living on second hand information and that is not good for me! My dad especially is "Father Doom" at times like this. It is frustrating when you can't see things for yourself.

So I have been keeping busy. That is why some days have gone by since my last post. I want to start posting what TNT is like each week soon. (I stole this idea from Mykel Pickens). I think it will give me a reason to write at least once a week. Although some weeks I don't need a reason, I just get all "BLOGGY" on my own.

Well my speaking is ending for yet another session. Peace out!