Monday, November 29, 2004

The Day After Resigning

Jasper Speaks:

Today was long and slow as it was my day off. However God has provided two cool things. One my best friend Rick (who is also a YP)called today and as we were talking he told me that one of his youth leaders is the Director of hiring for the management team at Radio Shack in St. Louis. He got us together and there seems to be at least a glimmer of hope for a job though nothing is for sure.

Then next I was again reminded that there is nothing like old friends when I called my college buddy Michele tonight. We have been friends for almost 15 years (gosh I am old) and her husband Dennis was a groomsman in our wedding. When we started talking about the fact that we are moving back to Missouri she asked if there was anything we needed. I jokingly said that we needed a truck driver. See Jasper was not given the gift of driving. I literally have a hard time backing up our mini-van sometimes. Kendra is the driver in the family. So when I said we needed a moving truck driver I wasn't completely kidding. Michele told me to hang on for a minute and when she came back she said, "Dennis is off that week. We would love to fly to Maine to help you." Dennis is an OTR truck driver and just happens to have the week we are moving off. So they are flying into Boston on the Sunday that we are packing up the truck and Dennis is going to do all the driving for us! We still have to get our car and van there but he is probably going to tow the car behind and so there will be four extra drivers for the car. I love my friends! You all rock!

So, after the long day yesterday, today is a bit brighter. Tomorrow night will be hard since it is the first of our small Groups since the announcement. I am not expecting to be hard nosed about staying in the curriculum. We will just talk and see where God leads.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Quick Update

Jasper Speaks:

Today wasn't as bad as we thought. The youth were visible stunned and we have since heard that there were some meltdowns at home later. The congregation took my words at face value and the other Pastors prayed for me in the service.

It is nice to have all this out in the open. We can now talk openly and freely about moving back to Missouri. It is still frightening but our God knows best. It will be a long few weeks. I am a lame duck Youth Pastor but I have a lot to do. Please keep the prayers going.
Go For The Gold Prayer Warriors

Jasper Speaks:

By the time most of you read this, our resignation as the Youth Pastor of Hollis Center Baptist Church would have already occurred. Please be in prayer for us as we prepare to move back to Missouri without jobs. It is a time of faith and we are very intimidated. We realize we are not called to stay here any longer. God has made that clear in so many ways. It has been a week of prayer and questioning and we know this is what we must do. If you receive this before 10AM EDT please pray for us as we will be telling the kids in the youth group during Sunday School this morning. Our senior pastor will be announcing it in our morning worship at 10:45. It will be a long day and a long few weeks. Thanks for remembering us to the Father.