Thursday, January 20, 2005

Employed (Sort Of)

Jasper Speaks:

I have accepted a job. It is with Enterprise rent a car. The hours really SUCK (3pm-midnight Thursday-Monday) but it will pay the bills for now. I start on February 7th for three weeks of 9am-6pm training.

I had a particularly cool phone interview yesterday. It was to be the project director of
Camp Coca Cola St. Louis. It sounds like an AWESOME secular program and a REALLY good fit for me. Please pray that they will feel the same. I actually didn't apply for this position I applied for another job within the company that administers the camp and they said, "wait you are way overqualified for the position you applied for but we think you could be a good fit for this better paying more important job." It was an ego boost I really needed after 3 weeks of being interviewed by 20 year olds with cracking voices!

So please, please pray that it will happen! I would love it! I am praying that the Camp Coca Cola folks will get back and LOVE me before my training begins at Enterprise. It will stink if they call about the same time because Enterprise's policy is no excused absences during the three week training and working from 9-6 will make it hard to fit in interviews.

I sort of had another interview tonight. It actually was much more an informational meeting. I feel like they kind of misled me because they said it was going to be an interview and it really wasn't. It is a college operated by a corporation and it is very sells driven. Great pay and benefits but I dunno. The odd thing they did was have each of us stand and tell why we thought we were the best person in the room for the job. Then we had to fill out a form with our contact information and on the form say which of the OTHER people in the room we would hire. Odd. I just hate interviewing.

Mostly, I know that I will keep looking. I really want a regular 9-5 type job so I can have a life as well. Kendra is still looking for a hotel job. We will see. She feels rather under challenged at
CTA. She likes the people and the company but feels a bit wasted in her current status there.

So keep the prayers coming for us and our employment situation. It is a long frustrating road. Mostly, I just want to be a Youth Pastor and know God will provide that again someday ... I hope.

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