Monday, January 17, 2005

We Had A Wedding

Jasper Speaks:

My oldest neice got married on Saturday. She was a beautiful bride. She is way young (18) but was determined to marry and most of all get out of her parent's home. My brother is a pastor and lives in Illinois, just outside of Hannibal, Missouri. That is about three hours from where we live. We rode up with my sister and her family.

The wedding was to start at 1:30. When we arrived at the church at noon, my neice THE BRIDE was still in jeans, hair undone and her hands were blue from dyeing roses. I should have know things were only going to get more frigtening. Turns out that she and my sister-in-law had just assumed that my sister would do everyone's hair and that Kendra would do everyone's make-up. Now these are tasks neither begrudged but neither had been asked to do until noon of the wedding day. We sent the bride and her mother off to get ready and Kendra began being on flower patrol. She was to make the boutineers for the men in the wedding. She didn't now this before we got there but she is a wonderful girl and jus jumped in and started working. She tried to teach me but I had no clue whatsoever. When the time came for her to begin makeup duty, I stayed and supervised a woman whose identity was a mystery to me who took over.

After the flowers were ready, I followed the mystery woman around with a tray full of carnations and helped her pin them on men who passed by who looked like they should have one.

Darla and Kendra worked frantically to get the girl's hair amd makeup done in about 30 minutes. I an around like a florist fool pinning on flowers and still wondering how the woman with me fit into the whole scheme of things.

The wedding itself was nice enough. It was odd that my other neice sang a duet of Ave Maria in this Baptist/Lutheran wedding but hey, a little Latin keeps us on our pre-reformation toes I suppose. My 75 year old forgetful and nearly deaf father poerformed the ceremony. Mostly without incident. although he pronounced the couple and had to go back and let them light the unity candle after that.

The reception was a nightmare. Seems that my neice had not secured anyone to prepare and serve so my sisters, Kenda, some family friends and I all jumped in and tried to do something when we realized this oversight had occured AFTER the wedding. Basicaly we looked like boobs as we tried to throw together food and drinks quickly. There was not nearly enoughof either to go around and we found ourselves stealing a lot from the Lutherans. I am not sure if that is a big sin or not. After two trips out to the grocery store for reinforcements, the reception was somewhat saved. Mostly though it was just scary and we were all a bit put out that we had to do all of this without even knowing it had to be done.

But in the end Amanda is married, although I am a little creeped out by that concept. I mean she is so young! I got a couple of lumps in my throat as her sister Elizabeth walked in as Maid of Honor and again when the bride and her father walked down the aisle. I guess I am just getting old.

The good news is we all survived the first grandchild wedding virtually unscathed. I warned each of the other 5 grandkids that if their wedding were anything lie Amanda's, I would physically hurt them. They laughed. Iwas pretty much serious!

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