Monday, February 07, 2005

Another Update

Jasper Speaks:

Today was my first day at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Kendra will tell you that I went to my first day grumpy and expecting the worst. In the end it wasn't all bad. It does seem like a good company to work for and that there is room for advancement opportunities very early on. This is still not what I would prefer as a career but I have to tell you that I did like the feeling of having a reason to get up in the morning again.

Also, while I was at work today I got another call from Camp Coca Cola. This of course is still my first choice so I am excited to call them back tomorrow. I have a one hour lunch break every day so I will try and reach them then. This is not another interview but more of a status of where they are at in the process kind of call. I appreciate your prayers in this matter and ask that they continue. My biggest fear is that it will be very difficult to work out the next interview with them because I am locked into a 9-6 M-F training schedule for the next three weeks that if I miss, I will lose the job at Enterprise. I know God will work it out if it is His will that I get the job.

Kendra has her THIRD interview with the St. Louis Airport Hilton tomorrow. We hope that the third time is a charm and she is officially offered a job. The position is very much like what she did at Ocean Properties in Maine and the chances to move into being a revenue manager within this company look very, very good. The last person in this position did it in four months! She is ready not to be at CTA any longer. She has been working long hours in the warehouse and that has been very physically demanding. Again, we ask that you pray for this opportunity for permenant employment for her.

Surprisingly, I think I may be doing better spiritually. I was afraid after my breakdown and fight with God last week, things would be different. I guess they are but in a better way I think. I have found that I am trusting God to make the right choices for me. I am not yelling anymore. I hope I have that out of my system for awhile. I have a new comfort in knowing that yes, He is in control. I hope it is not short lived. I still want to know what is going on but am willing to take Him at His Word for now and see what is going to happen. It is almost frightening how at peace I am with things at the moment. I'll wait and we will see what God does next.

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iamnettie said...

Sounds like things are going pretty smooth!! Any news on Coca Cola?? I hope both you and your wife find the perfect jobs God has for you! Still in my prayers.