Saturday, February 26, 2005

Still Alive

Jasper Speaks:

Just a quick check in. I finished my training at Enterprise this week and start my cruddy schedule of 3pm-midnight Thursday-Monday tomorrow night. It has been a very busy three weeks so I ahve not had much time to blog. The eight hours a day of training just made my mind mush and at night I just wanted to come home and go to bed. I hate the job but I am thankful that God has been faithful and is giving us money to pay the bills even though combined Kendra and I are making just what I was making alone in Maine. Still have not gotten the van fixed. Still saving the $3500.

I am looking forward to church tomorrow. We were in KC last week for the Steven Curtis Chapman/ Christ Tomlin/Casting Crowns concert. It was great but I missed our new church home here. I am excited to see what God has for us there tomorrow. We are taking some friends who I led to Christ while on staff at First Baptist Lemay. I am excited to bring them along.

Our new church is so much of what we are looking for. It is exciting to see that God can use the church to help us heal and grow. The worship is very good but I am especially getting a lot out of the sermons. That had been so lacking in my life. It is great to be fed again. I am still thinking about the sermon two weeks ago and the challenges it had for me. That is amazing.

Kendra does not know yet what is going to happen with her job. She thought she was all set to get the Adminsitrative Assistant job at CTA but they ae being a bit ridiculous in the LONG interview process. She has gone through five interviews for this position already and they want her to go through at least three more. SHEESH! She isn't working for the FBI! It is a secretary position at a Christian Jesus Junk company with about 75 employees. So she is calling back about a hotel job that she interviewed for and just heard back from on Friday. We will see what God has for us there and then weigh what she will do.

I am supposed to have another interview with Camp Coca Cola this coming week (maybe Saturday). It is down to me and one other person. I would ask that you pray that God opens this door. It will allow me to become more active in church and to actually see my wife.

We are mostly doing well. The bad weather Maine has had this winter makes us glad to be here. We really miss the students but overall we know we are where we need to be right now. We are waiting on the Lord to do another miracle.

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