Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Jasper Speaks:

Today is the sixth anniversary of my wedding day. How much God has done in our lives since that day! I reflect back on the moment I first laid eyes on Kendra in her beautiful wedding gown. I had no idea how young she really was at that time. Just 21 and stunningly beautiful. She was so much more than I deserved. She still is.

God blessed me far beyond what I ever deserved when he bought her into my life. It is odd how it has only been six years but I can scarcely remember my life without her. Truth is, I don't want to remember the time before I was blessed to wake up beside her every morning. I have learned so much from her. She is the perfect compliment to me in every way. My heart expands when I think about her support for my minsitry. I am humbled by her love and in awe of the grace God showed by giving her to me.

She has been the most wonderful gift to me. From her I have learned to love in a way I didn't even realize existed. It overwhelms me that the same love is returned to me. I don't tell her how much I appreciate her nearly as often as I should. She deserves so much more than a man like me and I thank God that the last seven years of my life have included her. I pray that as each day passes, I will grow to love her more --- though at this moment I can't see how that is possible.

Yes, on May 22, 1999, God showed me another extent of His love by letting this marvelous woman walk down the aisle and take my hand in marriage. Today is a good day. I am praying earnestly for many more years together --- days of laughter, tears, music and love. Today, I am praising God for the mate he gave me. Simply said, I love you Kendra!

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Tina said...

So glad to see you back... and glad to see that God is blessing you two.

Happy Anniversary!