Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Life And Other Opportunities

Jasper Speaks:

God has been doing great things in our lives. We are growing so much. I feel as though spritually I have grown in HUGE ways over the last six weeks. God has provided for us in wonderful ways but I have just enjoyed growing and healing through the ministry of our church. This is the first time in my life that I have just been a "regular" Church member. I went directly from being a PK to a Youth Pastor. It has been refreshing to sit under awesome worship and Bible teaching. God has been very good to us. My quiet time is consistent and God has been revealing Himself to us in great ways.

A HUGE praise is that Kendra is enjoying her job at the Sheraton. She will have her three month review in a few days. They love her there and I know it will go very well. She has struggled for the majority of our married life with not really liking her jobs. But she has found a niche in the Hotel industry and I know she is thinking that she has finally found that elusive career. It is a joy for me to see her happy in her employment.

The latest opportunity for me came today. Some of you know my friend, Jeff Wells. He is the Minister of Youth and Evangelism at Parkway Baptist Church here in St. Louis. He approached me a few weeks ago about the possibility of my leaving Enterprise and working in a 12 week internship program at his church this summer. We prayed about it a lot and trusted God for the details. Tonight Jeff called and asked if I could start that program next Tuesday. I accepted the offer. Kendra and I had already planned that after our trip to Maine in August, I would leave Enterprise. I will probably pursue subbing until I can get my teaching certificate reinstated then teach unless God provides a minsitry opprotunity. So, taking these twelve weeks to work with Jeff just provided a wonderful opportunity for me to be back in ministry for awhile rather than punching the clock in corporate America.

I would ask for your prayers as we start headlong in this opportunity. God is good and we are excited at how this came about. Please also pray that He would begin to reveal His provision for the fall to us as well. We are excited and trusting in His plan and know an incredible opportunity is out there waiting for us and that God is always before us in the plan!

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