Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rescued From An Ordinary Life

Jasper Speaks:

When we were doing our study of John 10:10 last year in Hollis, God really spoke to me a lot about how much Satan wants us to fail. This has been a VERY good couple of days. So Satan can't stand to see me smiling at people again or whistling worship songs throughout the day. He wants to STEAL my joy.

So tonight he tried to steal it by putting our sole means of transportation out of order. Our car has something wrong with the ignition. Satan pulled this one on us and sat back with a grin to see me explode. He has watched in glee for the past few months as that has happened more than I would have like. But not today.

You see one of the biggest lessons I have been learning is that God doesn't need my opinion. Now I know that induces the, "duh!" heard 'round the world. Still I have always known that but lately I have been trying to live it. Godspeed is never too fast or too slow. He moves in His ways in His time. He still has a plan even if I don't like the plan.

So our car is in the shop. We had a friend pick us up and take us home. My dad will take us to work tomorrow and the car we were going to rent for the weekend we will try to get a day early. In the end, I may get frustrated but I know God has bigger plans than I can ever imagine.

I'm not gonna' let Satan steal my joy!

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