Friday, June 10, 2005

Summer Going Along

Jasper Speaks:

I have just a couple of minutes while Jeff (my "boss") is at a lunch meeting. I have done all the stuff I was supposed to for the day so far so I am taking a bit of a lunch break. I am enjoying being back in the ministry thing for now. It has been a strange crossover because I want to do all I can and Jeff has been great. He has really given me room to jump in. I have done a lot. In fact this is the first time in the office in the past week I have really been able to slack. I am excited about what God is going to do this summer. I am also looking towards the fall and all God will do then.

I interviewed at a Christian School yesterday to teach High School English. I think it would be great but the pay would require me to work a second job. Ideally this would be a part time Youth Pastor job. More ideally would be a Full-Time Youth Pastor job. We will see. It is hard trusting in the plan but on my desk I have a reminder in a 5X7 frame that says; "Jasper, Trust me. I have everything under control. Jesus". And I know that is true. Now comes the fun of living it out!

So everything is swell at the moment. God has been so good and I have grown so much so far through this period. I am praying to grow more as I wait for Him.

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