Saturday, July 16, 2005

Alphabet Soup

The Letters Speak:

A ~ Age you got your first kiss - Umm ... I was quite the Cassanova so probably like three with my girlfriend Johnetta.

B ~ Band listening to right now - Paul Colman

C ~ Crush - Kendra, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and newly acquired, Jennifer Garner

D ~ Dad's name - Allie Thomas

E ~ Easiest person to talk to - Kendra

F ~ Favorite TV shows - Amazing Race, American Idol, Law and Order: SVU (Tuesdays are the night you better NOT call me!)

G ~ Gummy worms or bears - WORMS all the way!

H ~ Happiest memory - My wedding day

I ~ Instrument - Sort of the piano. That is it. Though I did play a mean recorder in elementary school

J ~ Jr. High Crush - Carrie Thorburn! What was I thinking?

K ~ Kind of Candy Bar that is Your Favorite? - Hershey's with Almonds, Kit Kat, Snickers and Take 5

L ~ Longest car ride ever - As a child any trip to Arizona. As an adult the evil trip back to Missouri from Maine when our van died in the middle of Pennsylvania. I hate Pennsylvania!

M ~ Mom's name - Donna Louise

N ~ Nicknames - Jasper, Bernie, Youthministerman

O ~ One animal you like - Dogs

P ~ Phobias - Heights! I can't even change a light bulb!

Q ~ Quirks - If my fingernails get dirty I have to take a shower and I get on the highway and merge to at least the center lane immediately !

R ~ Reason to smile - Kendra and Jesus!

S ~ Song you sang last - I've Just Seen Jesus (Dad was watching a Gaither infomercial this morning)

T ~ Time you woke up today - 9:00am (it IS Saturday afterall)

U ~ Unknown fact about me - I am really a Superhero --D'oh!

V ~ Vegetable you hate - Eggplant and collard greens

W ~ Worst habits - Biting my fingernails; eating too much

X ~ X-rays you've had - Only my teeth

Y ~ Yummy food - Fried Chicken, Chinese, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Crown Candy Hot Fudge Newports

Z ~ Zodiac sign - Libra

Jasper Speaks:

Another great quiz stolen from my friend, Tina's blog!

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