Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Geek Quiz Speaks:

The Poser Geek
You answered 42% of the questions as a geek truly would.
As a poser geek, you're trying too darn hard. There's a strong possibility that you think you're a geek because you own your own computer, however you're truly missing the bigger picture. You aspirations of being a geek mainly come from your friends, who are probably slightly cooler.

Get rid of those thick black-rimmed glasses. Being a geek isn't about style, it's about substance!

So what's this all mean? It means you're probably a pretty cool person. You've probably got social graces and are well liked by many people. While not a complete conformist, you do prefer to follow along with popular culture. True geeks probably laugh at you behind your back.

In a nutshell, you answered most question how you thought a geek WOULD answer, but your misconceptions deceived you. Truth is, 60% of people are geekier than you.

Link: The True Geek Test written by ambientred on okcupid

Jasper Speaks:

So I am okay with being a Poser. I mean people think I am smart when I am just CRAFTY!

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Xialle said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving me a message. I found you by clicking on Missouri in my profile, and it brought up other Missourians. :) Took your geek test...:) Turns out I'm a poser geek too. LOL Can't even get that right! HA!