Sunday, July 17, 2005


Jasper Speaks

So I had a good time at the Cardinals game yesterday. We won which is always nice. Actually Walker hit a three run homer that put us on top. Always nice. The Red Sox lost (to the Yankees no less) which made it even better.

I got to see my niece and nephew and everytime I am with them I feel bad I don't see them more. I had an especially nice time with Elizabeth because she sat right behind me.

It was Christian Family Day but we only stayed for a very little part of those festivities. I wonder how much outreach really gets done on those days. Still I appreciate it and I find it a blessing to be back where athletes are encouraged to share their faith.

Got a phone call from one of my favorite kids from Maine tonight. I actually had a call from another fave during the ball game yesterday. I love those kids and it makes me sad to be away from them. I try not to think about not being a YP anymore. It gets me blue. I know God has something great out there for me. I am just waiting to see what that is.

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