Friday, July 08, 2005

Not So Impressive

Jasper Speaks:

This has been a summer of movie going for me. It has been a mixed bag. I was pleasantly surprised at Batman Begins and not close to overwhelmed with Bewitched last week. This week brought two more films and two more completely different responses.

The first was an afternoon flick with my college buddy Travis. We haven't seen much of each other in years but he goes to my home church and we had dinner and fun with his family last night. We decided since he had the day off we should go to a movie together. We decided that Kendra and his wife Kathy wouldn't mind if we saw War of the Worlds without them. The movie had sparked my interest and so we decided that this would be the one to see together today.

This was the Bewitched of this weekend for me. I was surprised at the intensity. There were good moments but overall I came out thinking it was pretty much a slasher/horror film with aliens as the slashers. Tom Cruise might deserve the Golden Raspberry
for his performance. He had this one look of terror throughout the entire movie. While they are at it they might as well ship one over to Miss Dakota "I just scream throughout the whole movie " Fanning. She is afterall, the current most over exposed child star in the free world.

I think there were some great special effects and I must admit I was even creeped out a little by it. The way the aliens cremated the people alive was especially disturbing. However, much like Bewitched, the end of this film negated anything redeemable that came before. The absolutely laughable happy ending was cheap and ridiculous. Whereas I probably like the movie over all (I could have done with less foul language and blood) the ending spoiled the whole experience for me.

Still, in the end, I got to be with an old friend. It was a good time together as we start to restart our friendship. I just pray that future movies will be more worthy of our time.

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