Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another Day, Another Ballgame

Jasper Speaks:

So I went to my second Cardinals game this week yesterday. This was a trip we had been planning all summer. I guess I won't have to regret not getting to busch stadium in it's final season! My mother-in-Law is a HUGE Braves fan. I mean the woman gets postal if she can't find their games on TV. So, we went as a family to see the game.

The funny thing is, my Mother-In-Law grew up in Missouri as a Cardinals fan and still loves them. So, she went to the game wearing a Cardinals t-shirt and a Braves jersey. A bit of baseball Multiple Personality Disorder if you ask me!

We SPANKED the Braves. It was a win of 11-3. That was very cool! I got to trash talk some.

After the game, my friend Victor picked me up and he spent the night with us before our big party today. I love Vic and wish I could see him even more than I do. He has been an incredible friend to me. I am glad to be back in Missouri where I can see him and our other friends more often.

Well Victor and I are off to buy school supplies on Missouri's tax free school supplies day. Wonder what the look is going to be on the face of the clerk when I purchase 200 spiral bound notebooks?

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