Saturday, August 27, 2005

What A Week

Jasper Speaks:

So we got back safely from Maine on Monday. For me it was in the wee hours of morning for Kendra it was Monday night. Anyway, I went back to the classroom Monday morning. I was swamped with papers to grade and stayed until 5:00PM Monday evening. Tuesday it was back to school and then another 5:00PM day. Then I went to an interview for a YP position that evening. So I had left home at 6:00AM and then not returned until after 9:00PM. I was a little wasted since my trip to Maine had been such a whirlwind.

Then Wednesday morning I woke up at 4:00 AM (not an unusual time for some reason I always wake up at 4:00AM anymore) and I just didn't feel "right". After going to the bathroom I came and fell asleep again in our computer chair. I woke up an hour and a half later (which is way late since I leave for school at 6:00 AM every day) and really felt odd.

After taking a shower I touched my chest and my heart was racing. I woke Kendra up and she felt it and was alarmed as well. I had missed so much school I knew I needed to go. So I told myself I would go but if I didn't feel better by lunch I would leave.

The drive to work only added to my heart issues and by the time I got to school I really felt very bad. So I immediately went to the nurse's office. She put a pulse monitor on my finger and my heart was beating 210 times a minute. She insisted I go the hospital right then.

My building secretary took me to the hospital. I had never been in the hospital before except to be born. I am used to being the guy on the other side of the bed. I called Kendra and told her I was there. It was a hospital in North Nowhere because it was the closest to school. They took my stats in triage ands though my heart rate had gone down, it was still pretty erratic.

They took me back to the ER and shortly after Kendra arrived. I was strapped up to a heart monitor that was recording my heart rate to be between 140-170 petty constantly. As the morning progressed I was pumped with drugs and my sister Darla, my dad and my sister Pattie all arrived. The initial dosage of medicine didn't really work so they gave me a second dose. When it kicked in my rate literally went from 160ish to 70 in a split second. The room started going dark and I was sure I was going to hurl. This was the point when everyone else got scared because I lost color and kind of fell back on the bed. They made everyone but Kendra leave and after about ten minutes I felt a little better.

Unfortunately, I was admitted. I had several visitors that first day. My friends, Jose, Jeff, and Michele as well as my pastor Darren, all three of my sisters and my parents. It took until about 8:00PM for the medicine to really take affect. The cardiologist said that I have a condition known as arterial fibrillation. Sounds exciting, huh? It means that the electricity in my heart is off kilter and the top part starts pumping way hard and the bottom can't keep up. It is genetic as my mother has it as well. It has nothing to do with me being a fat man or anything. On a side note God is good and I am still a very healthy fat man with low blood sugar, good blood pressure, and great cholesterol.

Anyway, the doctor said if the medicine didn't work, they would have to use a defibrillator and shock my heart back to the right rhythm. Okay, not such a fan of being electrocuted. So, I was very pleased when the doctor came in the next morning and told me I could leave. I am on medicine pretty much forever now but I should be fine. I even went back to work yesterday.

I am glad the weekend is here but I have a huge expand afile file folder filled with papers to grade. It ought to just be great fun! So, that has been my busy week. I pray that next week will be less eventful.

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'neice said...

((((((((((((Jasper)))))))))) Wow! Glad you are OK. You need to check in on the Wanna Be board and let people know!