Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another Day

Jasper Speaks:

So I am writing this from the school computer lab this Tuesday morning. Yesterday was a particularly hard school day for me. On top of that I was not feeling well. I have been having some chest pains and if they persist I will need to call my doctor to see if the meds I am on are the problem.

The district where I work is very challenging. I hear thee Quentin Terantino movies full of foul language in a day. Most kids are lethargic about their work. Many question each assignment. I have also had a few days where I was the subject of a student's profanity filled malay. Not fun.

I know I am here for such a time as this and am trying to trust that God will use me. Every once in a while I get a flicker of that. In many ways that is what keeps me going.

Autumn, one of my college kids who went through High School in Maine with me as her Youth Pastor, was here until this morning. That was nice. It was good to be reminded that God has used me and that I really do love teens. It is sad that she is leaving today. I will miss her!

So, I must get back to work. I have to review Puritan Literature in three different classes today. And the beat goes on ...


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BroChris said...

be careful posting from school...have you seen on the news about the people getting fired because they had blogs, and their workplaces didn't like what they were writing?

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