Thursday, December 22, 2005

School Teaching And The Lack Of Blogging

Jasper Speaks:

So it has been SO long since I last wrote. Things have been very busy. I am officially halfway through the first week of my Christmas vacation. As of today all of my Christmas shopping is finished and I finally have time to breathe.

God has been good to us! We are looking forward to our first Christmas with family in six years. Although that event comes with the usual family stress and goofiness, we are grateful to be back in Missouri this season.

God has taught us so much in the year we have been out of full-time ministry. In all He has done, He has remained faithful to us. We are itching to return to full-time service but want it to come completely on God's terms not ours.

I hope I can get a few more entries in over the next few days. I have missed the opportunity to "speak" here. I hope you all are having a great Christmas season!

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