Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oswald Chambers Speaks:

"God answers prayer in the best way; not just sometimes, but every time. However, the evidence of the answer in the area we want it may not always immediately follow."

Jasper Speaks:

Man has God been teaching me this lesson lately! Waiting on God can be frustrating and rewarding. I recommend it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rescued From An Ordinary Life

Jasper Speaks:

When we were doing our study of John 10:10 last year in Hollis, God really spoke to me a lot about how much Satan wants us to fail. This has been a VERY good couple of days. So Satan can't stand to see me smiling at people again or whistling worship songs throughout the day. He wants to STEAL my joy.

So tonight he tried to steal it by putting our sole means of transportation out of order. Our car has something wrong with the ignition. Satan pulled this one on us and sat back with a grin to see me explode. He has watched in glee for the past few months as that has happened more than I would have like. But not today.

You see one of the biggest lessons I have been learning is that God doesn't need my opinion. Now I know that induces the, "duh!" heard 'round the world. Still I have always known that but lately I have been trying to live it. Godspeed is never too fast or too slow. He moves in His ways in His time. He still has a plan even if I don't like the plan.

So our car is in the shop. We had a friend pick us up and take us home. My dad will take us to work tomorrow and the car we were going to rent for the weekend we will try to get a day early. In the end, I may get frustrated but I know God has bigger plans than I can ever imagine.

I'm not gonna' let Satan steal my joy!
Who Me? Normal?

The Survey Speaks:

I am 62% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

A direct quote from the survey:
"62% are cooler, and38% are more of a loser than you.
What does this mean? With this score, you are a normal individual."

Jasper Speaks:

Normal. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay! That's me alright!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moments From My Day

Oil Change: $23
Tank of Gas: $17.50
Dinner at Bellacino's: $10.54
Spur of the moment ballgame
with your best friend
at Busch Stadium in it's final season:

Life And Other Opportunities

Jasper Speaks:

God has been doing great things in our lives. We are growing so much. I feel as though spritually I have grown in HUGE ways over the last six weeks. God has provided for us in wonderful ways but I have just enjoyed growing and healing through the ministry of our church. This is the first time in my life that I have just been a "regular" Church member. I went directly from being a PK to a Youth Pastor. It has been refreshing to sit under awesome worship and Bible teaching. God has been very good to us. My quiet time is consistent and God has been revealing Himself to us in great ways.

A HUGE praise is that Kendra is enjoying her job at the Sheraton. She will have her three month review in a few days. They love her there and I know it will go very well. She has struggled for the majority of our married life with not really liking her jobs. But she has found a niche in the Hotel industry and I know she is thinking that she has finally found that elusive career. It is a joy for me to see her happy in her employment.

The latest opportunity for me came today. Some of you know my friend, Jeff Wells. He is the Minister of Youth and Evangelism at Parkway Baptist Church here in St. Louis. He approached me a few weeks ago about the possibility of my leaving Enterprise and working in a 12 week internship program at his church this summer. We prayed about it a lot and trusted God for the details. Tonight Jeff called and asked if I could start that program next Tuesday. I accepted the offer. Kendra and I had already planned that after our trip to Maine in August, I would leave Enterprise. I will probably pursue subbing until I can get my teaching certificate reinstated then teach unless God provides a minsitry opprotunity. So, taking these twelve weeks to work with Jeff just provided a wonderful opportunity for me to be back in ministry for awhile rather than punching the clock in corporate America.

I would ask for your prayers as we start headlong in this opportunity. God is good and we are excited at how this came about. Please also pray that He would begin to reveal His provision for the fall to us as well. We are excited and trusting in His plan and know an incredible opportunity is out there waiting for us and that God is always before us in the plan!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Jasper Speaks:

Today is the sixth anniversary of my wedding day. How much God has done in our lives since that day! I reflect back on the moment I first laid eyes on Kendra in her beautiful wedding gown. I had no idea how young she really was at that time. Just 21 and stunningly beautiful. She was so much more than I deserved. She still is.

God blessed me far beyond what I ever deserved when he bought her into my life. It is odd how it has only been six years but I can scarcely remember my life without her. Truth is, I don't want to remember the time before I was blessed to wake up beside her every morning. I have learned so much from her. She is the perfect compliment to me in every way. My heart expands when I think about her support for my minsitry. I am humbled by her love and in awe of the grace God showed by giving her to me.

She has been the most wonderful gift to me. From her I have learned to love in a way I didn't even realize existed. It overwhelms me that the same love is returned to me. I don't tell her how much I appreciate her nearly as often as I should. She deserves so much more than a man like me and I thank God that the last seven years of my life have included her. I pray that as each day passes, I will grow to love her more --- though at this moment I can't see how that is possible.

Yes, on May 22, 1999, God showed me another extent of His love by letting this marvelous woman walk down the aisle and take my hand in marriage. Today is a good day. I am praying earnestly for many more years together --- days of laughter, tears, music and love. Today, I am praising God for the mate he gave me. Simply said, I love you Kendra!
After Quite An Absence

Jasper Speaks:

Wow! So much has gone on since my last post. The best thing is that God has really been doing incredible things in our lives. God has been moving us closer to Him in so many ways. Our new church home has become a haven of rest and healing for us. God has been convicting us to raise the bar spiritually. I am having powerful quiet times. I am sensing his purpose for our lives in so many ways.

One of the things I am learning (that I REALLY should have been living a long time ago) is that it is amazing what God will do for you soul when you aren't completely focused on yourself. I have to ask all of you for forgiveness for the selfish way I have been acting lately. This whole blog had turned into Jasper Complains and I am sorry for that. I know God has a wonderful plan for Kendra and me and we are living in the moment.

So much of our optimism comes from the support of a great church. We are still very new to
Heatland. We have not made many friends yet but God has completely ministered to our souls. He has used the pulpit ministry of our Pastor, Darren Casper, to challenge and provoke us to action. Our Wednesday evening "Power Encounter Prayer Meetings have been a place where we have had an opportunity to just be still and listen the the Lord's voice.

Kendra is loving her new job. It is challenging and a bit overwhelming at times but she has really found a career. My Enterprise story is filled with ups and downs. I am in it until god calls me out of it. Some days are harder than others but we have decided that when we travel to Maine in August, if I am still working on the phones there, I will go out on faith and leave the world of rental cars behind me. I plan on at least subbing for awhile if I can't get a regular teaching position.

So as our pastor reminded us today, God's mercy is new every morning. I am hoping to keep the blog going a bit better now. I would love to share with you all what God is showing me. Life is short, death is sure, sin is the problem and Christ is the answer.

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus (not on ourselves) the author (creator, maker, sculptor) and perfector (completor, finisher, see it through the end guide) of our faith. Who for the glory before Him, endured the cross (because he cares for us more than life itself), scorning it's shame (because He trusted in God's perfect plan) and sits at the right hand of the throne of God. " - Hebrews 12:2 (parenthesis comments mine)