Friday, June 03, 2005

Back At It

Jasper Speaks:

So here I am back in church work. It is odd because I have to wait to be told what to do. I find that I finish projects pretty quickly. Jeff, the YP whom I am assisting this summer, had a wedding in Indiana tomorrow and left at about 1PM. I did the things he asked me to and now am ready for the next task at hand. I have to teach freshman boys Sunday School this week. I have never met the boys. Should be interesting. I am not getting into what I am supposed to teach. I think I need to be inspired. I am also teaching on Wednesday night this week. I am a bit intimidated and scared.

I am looking forward to the mission trip to Nashville. I thought I would be out of luck about going on one for the first time in nine years. God is good. Kendra and I have dinner tonight with a friend of her's from college. We haven't seen him in a very long time so it should be interesting.

Mostly I am just very pleased not to be at Enterprise right now. Here the salary is less but the rewards are very much better. I look forward to the real ministry beginning soon!