Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another Day, Another Ballgame

Jasper Speaks:

So I went to my second Cardinals game this week yesterday. This was a trip we had been planning all summer. I guess I won't have to regret not getting to busch stadium in it's final season! My mother-in-Law is a HUGE Braves fan. I mean the woman gets postal if she can't find their games on TV. So, we went as a family to see the game.

The funny thing is, my Mother-In-Law grew up in Missouri as a Cardinals fan and still loves them. So, she went to the game wearing a Cardinals t-shirt and a Braves jersey. A bit of baseball Multiple Personality Disorder if you ask me!

We SPANKED the Braves. It was a win of 11-3. That was very cool! I got to trash talk some.

After the game, my friend Victor picked me up and he spent the night with us before our big party today. I love Vic and wish I could see him even more than I do. He has been an incredible friend to me. I am glad to be back in Missouri where I can see him and our other friends more often.

Well Victor and I are off to buy school supplies on Missouri's tax free school supplies day. Wonder what the look is going to be on the face of the clerk when I purchase 200 spiral bound notebooks?

Monday, August 01, 2005


Jasper Speaks:

So today was my first day of new teacher orientation at Riverview Gardens School District In all it was a pretty rough day. I don't make friends so easily at first. it surprises most people but I am an introvert. So, in situations like this one, I just sit back and watch. Overall the day was pretty dull. Curriculum this and standards that and a lot of "it's cute how you think I am listening" moments. After my good week at M-fuge it was hard to take the fact that I will be leaving professional Youth Ministry soon. My heart is still completely in being a Youth Pastor full time. Ipray that this teaching gig is just for a season. I could write more about my feelings about all that but it won;t be productive so I won't.Anyway, the cool part of today was that Kendra called with awesone Cardinals tickets. her coworker Marci had given them to us. They were second row box seats (six back total) right on the first baseline. We could see Albert Puljos' facial expressions the whole time! It was very cool as far as seating goes. At first I had gone through such a long day that I wasn't even wanting to go but in the end I was glad I did. The Cardinals lost but it was still cool. I will be going to the game again on friday night. It is the Braves and my Mother-In-Law is a freak for the Braves so a bunch of my wife's family is coming down and we are all going together. Our tickets for that game are pretty much nose bleed but that is cool. Tonight was my third game of the season. That is more than I usually get to go. That is fine with me since with every trip I get to say goodbye to the ballpark I grew up going to. It is a bit sad but at least I am going a lot more than usual.>So today wasn't all bad in the end. I am not looking forward to a week of this training but God gave me a nice gift by sending me out to the old ballgame tonight.