Wednesday, July 19, 2006

God's Grace

Jasper Speaks:

One of the amazing things about mission trips I have been on the past few years is that they have all made me stop and ponder God's grace. I have brought many, many students into new settings. I have pulled kids from rural Maine to inner city Raleigh and brought kids from affluent West County St. Louis to the "ghetto" of Toronto. I have a hard time understanding some of the shock that comes when these kids first see these areas. I was raised in the "ghetto" and tend to forget that not everyone has been exposed to such things.

I always seem to need to explain it to the kids. I have to tell some real life stories generally before it all "clicks" for them. For me, this is just life playing itself out but for kids from "sheltered" backgrounds this is not like anything they have ever seen.

What is cool about taking these kind of trips is that when the students get there and start interacting witht the kids, they realize something about God that many people never really get. The realize that God's grace is cannot be understood. They began to realize the concept that we have so much but these kids that we are serving have nothing. Students begin pondering why God chose them to bestow so much upon. They begin a spiritual evolution of sorts as they decide that God is showing His love for them in ways they had never seen. My heart jumps and dances as they start thanking God out loud for their parents.

Yes, gerace is as difficult thing to grasp but thank the Lord that He gives it to us and provides opportunities for us to embrace it!

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