Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

So, it is beautiful Fourth of July Sunday. We had a really patriotic service today at church. Then Kendra and I went to Bob and Julie Hull's house for lunch. Got a little freaked out about Mission Trip and all the stuff that still has to be done. Kendra and I did some stuff yesterday and I have a lot to do still yet.

I had to be Jasper and Jeff today. I like being Jasper. He's better looking. We made plans to go to Michele and Dennis' for 4th of July dinner. Kendra has to work that day so I will probably go see my mom for awhile in the afternoon.

We had a very nice Saturday. We did a lot of shopping for mission trip. There is still a lot to do. It is going to be a busy week that is for sure!

On Friday night we had a great dinner with old friends. It was terrific to be together with people you have known for a really long time. We don't see each other much but it was nice how the time didn't seem to separate us. We laughed and joked over Chinese food. We cackled about choir tours and corner pockets. It was sweet. It wasn't as fun for Kendra because these are all my old college chums and she was still in Junior High during most of those years! Not that I dated her back then but that's where she was. She did have a noce time but I am sure it was moe boring for her than she let on! And Ann --- WOW she was like model gorgeous! I put the picture of all of us here below.

I like this one because it makes me look especially thin!

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