Sunday, July 30, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

So, getting up early on Saturdays should be against the law. I wish we would have gotten more done today at practice. I came home and took a 20 minute nap before dinner. Then we bought groceries for my mom and dad.

Then we went to Value City to get some clothes for me. It is cool fitting in the smaller sizes but we had plans with our friends Michelle and Janice (not Jasper Janis but a REAL person named Janice whom I love) and we ended up being at VC until 9:00PM. We were meeting them at Borders. I just wanted a sugar free mocha hazelnut coffee and to continue reading the book Without You by Anthony Rapp. I have been reading it for several months now because I refuse to pay $25 for it but I really like it. So I go to Borders and pull it off the shelf and read it. Then after a couple of chapters I put back and come back a few weeks later and pick up where I left off. This is a foreign concept to Kendra because she doesn't understand how I keep it straight in my head what has been going on. But I have like an incredible memory so I can pick up easily.

Anyway, I think it is a crime that my friend Janice (whom I love) has never read Superfudge. That should be illegal. When she told me that I immediately went to the kiddie book section and brought it back to her. I almost bought it for her. But I figure forcing a 33 year old woman to read a book written for fourth graders may be a bit of a stretch. But I tell you it is HORRID that she has never read one of the classics of children's literature that helped shape my love of books.

Anyway, Kendra bought (and is now obsessed with) a Sudoku book which she started at Borders and is still working on even as I type several hours later. It is a huge book. She may never finish. Leave it to my wife to go to a place with hundreds of thousands of reading options and leave with a book of only numbers. That is just her way.

I bought this a new (to me) Dean Koontz book (the one I referenced under Currently Reading). I read my first Koontz book on our vacation and really enjoyed his psychological thriller style so I am giving him another try. I am also reading Wild At Heart. It is way convicting for me though and so I caved and got a distraction book to read at the same time. And yes, I read another chapter of Without You while we were there tonight. Kendra also doesn't get my habit of reading multiple books at the same time (currently with tonight's addition I am reading five). She thinks it would get all jumbled in her head. Of course this is coming from the newly minted Sudokou Queen. She gets numbers a lot better than letters. Another reason why she is the man in our relationship and I am basically the wimpy chick.

Well, it is late and I have to get up butt early in the morning for church. I will probably read awhile since we have some clothes to change over in the washer before we go to sleep. And yup, she's still Sudokuing!

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