Friday, July 28, 2006

Speaking On God's Will And Upcoming Events

Jasper Speaks:

So, after a very successful day of Wham-o Wednesday, the lights went out --- AGAIN! There were several weeks that I thought it was all about Satan trying to thwart Jeff from being able to preach this awesome sermon on faith. Now I am just pretty convinced that Jeff was wrong about faith in his sermon and God kept working miraculously so that he wouldn't accidentally guide us wrong. Needless to say, Jeff has decided that no one will EVER hear that sermon.

Becky was even going to be there Wednesday night. It was Morgan's last night and we had a gift and a cool thing to say to her. She was going to speak last night too. None of that happened. Makes me sad. Although twelve of us went to Friday's afterwards and that was pretty tight. Ten days until I am back in school. BLECK!

Yesterday I was a slug. It was my day off and I just did next to nothing. I did go to my mom and dad's for awhile and then to the grocery store and the gym. Other than that, I was a slug. I guess we all need those days. Oh, I did cook dinner, clean the kitchen and do the dishes. Maybe I am not all slug.

I talked to Betsy yesterday. For those of you who don't know who that is, Betsy is one of our students from Maine. She is moving here in two weeks to go to MOBAP. Kendra and. I are wicked excited about it. In someways we will be foster parents to a bouncing 20 year old! We are the only people she knows in Missouri. So, we have chosen her church, gotten her a job and already talked to people about making her feel welcome so she will have friends! She seems okay with all of that. We are very happy she is coming! We love Betsy! Yea!

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