Monday, August 14, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

1 day down! 179 to go! Actually today wasn't all bad. It was good to see some of my favorite kids. I actually got a whole new advocate for this year and in it there were A LOT of my favorite kids from last year that I wasn't going to have in class! That is a good surprise. In my district, not many surprises are of that kind.

Betsy comes tomorrow! I am so very excited! I know all of you will love her! We are adopting a 21 year old from Maine. How cool is that?
So, now I am just sleepy and need to go to bed. 4:55 AM came early this morning and will come even earlier tomorrow I am sure. It cracked me up when Jeff called today and thought he would call me on my way to work if he called me at 7:30AM. Note to the full-time youth pastors out there. School STARTS at 7:30! I was on the road at 5:55 AM! But it was wicked encouraging to hear my good friend's voice saying he was praying for me so that makes it okay!

Classic moment from today: "Mr. Rains" rapping the words to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to his all African American class. Needless to say, they were laughing at me. A lot.

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