Monday, August 07, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

I left his as a comment on Morgan's blog today. For those of you who know Morgan, you know that her family is in a lot of transitions as they follow after the call of God on their lives in ministry. As I wrote it. I thought that it may be something someone else needs to hear. God taught me a lot from reading a tiny book that I would recommend to you called, EPIC by John Eldredge. As I started my school year today (in the midst of a lot of REALLY boring meetings) I am praising Him that He has changed my heart and helped me to see the upcoming year as a part of my own epic adventure, living in His plan. Here is what I wrote to Morgan:

God's plan for us is an epic adventure. It is a sweeping story with many characters and plot turns. Somewhere within the seeming chaos, He does INCREDIBLE miracles. He changes hearts, provides needs, and give eternal life. Right now you are in one of the climatic scenes in your adventure. God has such incredible plans. Grab hold of this moment and ride like the wind. God is building up for a great conclusion of your past and the explosive beginning of your future. His epic plan invooolves all of us and you may never know how your portion is going to affect another who will in turn affect someone else. It is alright to be afraid. It is alright to find it hard to trust. God expects that of us. He loves proving Himself to us when we are uncertain. He loves to watch us believe what we cannot see as well. Trust Him. Embrace this as your chance to see God do all the incredible things He has planned for you. Let Him write your story in wide, bold strokes. Rejoice. Dance. Embrace the moment. God has just begun.

Have a great day in the Lord Everybody!

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