Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He Just Keeps On Speaking

Jasper Speaks:

So, today was good. Reality Check ROCKED tonight! I was very impressed with how smooth everything went even with all the changes! Go SWAT! Great job being lead worshippers! GO BECKY! Loved the violin! I am so very excited about what God will do through the drama team as well!

School went well today too. My trouble kid got a ten day suspension. It was so great that I got to teach Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God. God really used that today!

I love Victor and seeing him again today made me smile. Kendra ditched Reality Check for REALLY, REALLY good baseball tickets. You should make her feel guilty!

Three day weekend coming! Woo-Hoo! Going to rural Missouri! Boy do I ever know how to party! Actually, I am looking forward to seeing that part of our family! That's it other than be sure to check this XANGA site out:


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