Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

I was very overwhelmed by the church service this morning. I love Rob Bell and Pastor choosing to show that video was amazing. I was so convicted watching it. Then when he called me out to speak (I had NO IDEA this was going to happen) I felt humbled, nervous and stretched all at once. It was one of those "thrust out of your comfort zone" moments for me.

When I returned to my seat and the deacons began to pass out communion I was so broken before the Lord that I began to cry. I DO NOT LIKE TO CRY. Still, God was dealing with my heart and at that moment, it was laying broken and contrite before Him. He wants our hearts like that. It was the most moving worship service I have been a part of in such a long time. I always get mushy when I talk about God's grace in letting me work with teens for Him and how much I love working with and loving on them.

In the afternoon I picked up Betsy and brought her home to do some laundry. We watched the movie Camp together. Then I took her back to the dorm and went to church for the Senior Adult Choir musical. It was cute in that way watching little kids musicals are. It was very enjoyable.

Finally, I came home and did some work on lesson plans. The school grind begins again tomorrow. I am refreshed though today as I was reminded through the service that God has faith in me as His servant.

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